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Everything You Need to Know

Thermocork is cork spray that is specifically designed to provide property owners with a long lasting waterproof render that has also got great thermal and acoustic insulation 

Along with being a waterproof coating Thermocork is incredibly flexible, much more flexible than traditional renders like sand and cement, and monocouche.
Thermocork can adhere to most surfaces so can be used on a variety different properties such as timber framed building, steel constructions, UPVC conservatories and many more. 

The production of Thermocork is carbon neutral so it is extremely eco-friendly, it does not use any toxic materials in its production process. 
With the low maintenance of this product it saves time and money, price is not ant high per m2 than that of monocouche renders and with a 15 year guarantee it makes this product even more cheaper per m2



Camper Vans and Caravans
EcoCork can use Thermocork inside camper vans and caravans prior to fitting out to stop condensation and act as a thermal barrier. It can also be used on the outside of static caravans to keep in the warmth and the acoustic values can reduce the sound of rain on the roof.

Garages can be coated inside or outside with Thermocork to keep the garage warm and keep the damp out, which is ideal for dry storing classic cars or motorcycles. With its Class B fire rating it gives piece of mind when storing flammable products or when the garage is attached to residential dwellings. The acoustic qualities help drown out the noise from machines.

Industrial Units
Thermocork is ideal for inside or outside of industrial units, it helps keep the unit warm in winter and cool in summer. Often in industrial units loud machines are used and the acoustic qualities of Thermocork can keep the noise to a minimum. Application of Thermocork helps with fire regulations for industrial units.

Flat Roofs
MAP is a mixture of broken down rubber particles and additives, mainly made from old car tyres. It is a waterproof membrane for flat roofs and terraces. In low temperatures MAP remains flexible to avoid cracking, its also resistant to UV sunlight, which makes it perfect for industrial roofs, warehouses and flat roofs. With passable pedestrian roofs the membrane can be coated with a hard wearing quartz coating. MAP is available in 4 different colours, black, terracotta, green and grey.

Sometimes monocouche renders can discolour and crack, with Thermocork being so flexible it doesn't crack and holds on to its colour pigments very well so doesn't fade in colour. Thermocork can be sprayed straight over old monocouche and sand and cement renders without any need for primers, making repairs quicker and a lot stronger.
With the amazing thermal insulation values there's no need to for EWI insulation board, saving time, money and space.

New Builds and Extensions
With a flat render base coat Thermocork can be sprayed on top. This method is a lot quicker and stronger than the more common renders.

Thermocork can be sprayed on top of all types of wood, making it perfect for modular building which might be made from a timber frame and marine ply or for dorma windows to give a nice rendered look, wood cladding or even sheds.

To help with damp problems, Thermocork can be applied to the problem areas with finishing plaster applied over the top which will rectify the problem.


Colour Range

Beautiful colours which are have less then 1% fade rate annually unlike any paint which fades unevenly and cracks within a few years.

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