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Beautiful House Rendered in Colne

Updated: May 31

A few days ago we finished a heavily weathered and battered end terraced house which has been standing since the 1860s. When we came to have a look at the house, we found many cracks and chunks of render missing and so our work began. The majority of our time went into the removal of all loose paint, plaster and plants. We then proceeded to re-plaster the house and garden walls. We also flattened out the window lintels to make the walls look smooth and flat.

As seen in the images above, a few days went into plastering and drying in order for us to begin rendering. The next few days would also consist of us applying a special coating of bonding liquid in order for all the dust and previous paint to stick and not come loose. This gave the house a glistening look for a week whilst we prepared for our final stage. The client, John, wanted his home to look the same as it looked many years ago. He picked code 21, a very similar colour to magnolia. And so our final job was to begin the next day, we then spent almost a week coating the house with a 2mm Thermocork Coating and the end result was beautiful.

And so our job was done, we gave Johns home a wonderful and highly beneficial render. We also free of charge repaired and cleaned the gutter and roofing whilst plastering up the top corner of the back wall, and applied a different type of plaster on the bottom part of the back wall to avoid water seeping into the flooring inside.

So we would like to thank John for his hospitality and kindness as we begin another job elsewhere. All the best John and Stay safe :)


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