Grand Designs has featured ThermoCork and explains the benefits of the product. Kevin McCloud even recommends it.


External Render

 Revolutionary Cork

Thermocork sprayed cork coating gives properties a low-maintenance and durable finish. Not only does it waterproof but it also improves thermal and acoustic insulation by eliminating thermal bridges.

No Need To Remove Previous Render


From small scale projects to larger and more complex ones, we have a great selection of work samples to share with prospective clients. In addition to outstanding results, when you choose to work with MR G Cork Applicator LTD, you’ll have the advantage of working with a flexible and knowledgeable team.

Contemporary Houses



As seen in the picture, ThermoCork will not change the buildings structure unless you want a smooth finish. It is a simple 6-8mm finish on your home



Everyone wants expensive cavity wall insulation but this causes water to seep in and causes mould and condensation, Thermocork is water resistant and acts as an insulator. This means you suffer no problems and end up with a modern contemporary home and save money.


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